DN <Aurora>

The x101 Pa ultimate pressure specification meets a wide range of research and development needs. The all-stainless steel exterior has an attractive hairline finish. The vacuum pump can be connected to suit specific installation locations, allowing effective use of spaces on top of the experiment table or other fixtures.


Vacuum pump for DN-30S (example)

Vacuum pump for DN-30S (example) TSW-100N
The casters improve maneuverability
even in tight spaces.


■High vacuum ... ultimate pressure: x101Pa
Connecting the oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump creates a powerful vacuum. The DN-30S provides clean heat treatment in a vacuum chamber with remarkably low leakage.

■Measurements of vacuum degree
The structure is equipped with a gauge port ( φ15 mm) that allows the attachment of a Pirani vacuum gauge sensor to confirm the vacuum degree (Pa value), a value that can't be read by a Bourdon-tube vacuum gauge.

■All-stainless steel specifications
The vacuum chamber is made of SUS304 stainless steel. Individual vacuum components such as valves and vacuum pipes are made of SUS304 and 316. For improved strength and corrosion resistance, Teflon, Viton and silicone are used as sealing materials.

■Programmable functions
The programmable controller provides two program patterns for programmed control, each with ten segments.

■Easy temperature control
The controller automatically sets the ideal PID value for processing temperatures for easy, reliable temperature control inside the vacuum chamber.

■Modular control circuit
The control circuit comprises several module panels that can be individually removed for easy component replacement and repairs.

■Safety and Product Maintenance

1. The temperature controller and overheating prevention device each provides comprehensive safety measures, including a self-diagnosis function and double overheating prevention functions.

2. Made of tempered glass, the observation window is designed to allow clear viewing of the entire structure. For even greater safety, a protective cover made of clear resin overlays the tempered glass window.


The DN-30S is primarily used in a wide range of vacuum drying experiments involving electrical and electronic components, electronic materials, metals, ceramics, new materials, and so forth, as well as in research and development.


Performance Temperature range 50℃ to 200℃
Ultimate pressure x101Pa (after bakeout at no-load normal operating temperature)
Heating time 70 minutes (at ambient temperatures from 20℃ to 200℃, no-load)
Functions Operation system Manual
Control system Programmable controller for PID control (with auto-tuning function)
Two program patterns,each with a 10-segment program function
Setting method/Display method Digital setting/Digital display
Sensor K thermocouple
Overheating prevention Independent hydraulic sensor and thermocouple circuits for double overheating prevention
Exhaust system Manual main valve, Leak/gas inlet valve, Bourdon-tube vacuum gauge,φ15 Gauge port,
Pump connection port (hose port with OD 22 mmφ),Leak/gas inlet ( Rp 1/4*), Vacuum piping
Heating Heater Space heater (affixed to the outer surface of the vacuum chamber)
Load control Pulse output, variable output
Safety devices Earth leakage breaker, Heater circuit/control circuit fuse,
Double overheating prevention circuits (suspension of heating, buzzer/ lamp alarms, manual reset, Self-diagnosis function (setting values, temperature sensor, burnout)
Standards Internal dimensions of chamber/ volume W300×D300×H300mm/27L
External dimensions W700×D470×H560mm
Shelf board withstand load Approximately 16 kg/board
Shelf support pitch 67mm
Power supply 100V AC 1φ 1 kW
Weight 70kg
Options Pirani vacuum gauge, WS Series oil cleaner, Cold trap


Belt Drive Rotary Vane Vacuum Pump Series
Oil Mist Trap
Automatic leak valve(check valve)
Vacuum Gauges
真空保持型自動リーク弁 VKL-25
Automatic Leak Valve