DH <Fairy> Series

■Fully-automatic vacuum baking equipment for high-vacuum, high-temperature
DH-DP type: Oil diffusion pump exhaust system, x10–3 Pa
DH-TP type: Turbo-molecular pump exhaust system, x10–4 Pa

The fully-automatic DH Series vacuum baking equipment is designed and manufactured to function as production machinery. In addition to meeting requirements for production line reliability, safety, and operability, this equipment enables high-temperature processing up to 650℃. In addition to different ultimate pressures, the DH-DP and DH-TP types feature different pumps: oil diffusion or turbo-molecular. Select the type that best meets your needs, including the degree of cleaning required.


DH-DP type
DH-TP type


■DH-DP type
The DH-DP type incorporates an oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump and oil diffusion pump and provides an ultimate pressure of x10-3 Pa. Offers an alternative to the DH-TP type, providing high vacuum atmospheres at lower cost.

■DH-TP type
Incorporating an oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump or dry pump, and turbo-molecular pump, the DHTP type provides an ultimate pressure of x10-4 Pa. Of all our vacuum baking series types, it boasts the most powerful vacuum and the cleanest heating environment.

■Heating mechanism
High temperatures are achieved inside the vacuum chamber by an internal heating system in which sheath micro-heaters attached to the underside of each shelf board function as heating sources. Depending on the type of workpiece, heaters can also be attached to the inside wall surfaces of the chamber. With either system, compared to external heating systems, the internal heating system reduces the time required to heat the chamber to the specified temperature and ensures superior temperature distributions within the chamber.

■Heating control
PID control is performed by individual temperature controllers provided for each of the heaters installed in the chamber, ensuring accurate, reliable temperature control. Additionally, programmable controllers can be used to specify heating patterns.

The DH Series types are easy to use and can be operated by anyone. Simply press the Start button to turn the system on and activate the sequencer program for automatic functions such as vacuum exhaust, heating, and valve opening and closing. The device system configuration and On/Off status of each of the devices are displayed on the graphic panel for easy confirmation of operating status. Various interlock functions are provided to prevent erroneous operations at each separate stage.

If an equipment malfunction is detected during automatic operations, the system either halts all operations or specific functions, depending on the type of malfunction (a drop in cooling water amount or air pressure, overheating, and so forth), using the lamps on the graphic panel to indicate the type of malfunction. The system features a comprehensive range of safeguards.
In the event of a power failure, for example, the main valve closes to maintain pressure in the vacuum heating chamber (to prevent oxidation of workpieces due to atmospheric leaks), while the pump leak valve opens to prevent backflow of pump oil.

■Optional forced cooling function dramatically reduces processing times
Since vacuums serve as superior insulators, heat dissipation can take a very long time. Even when the heaters are turned off following heat treatment, it takes a long time for temperatures to drop to around 50℃ ,at which workpieces can be removed. The optional forced cooling function dramatically reduces the time required for temperatures to drop, thereby significantly reducing total processing times.


The DH Series is widely used in production line processes, including vacuum baking of semiconductor components and components for precision/electronic devices, electronic materials, metals, ceramics, laser device components, and plasma electrodes.


DH series model
Model Internal dimensions of chamber (W✕D✕Hmm) Shelves/Heaters Temperarure controller Exhaust system
DH-40 DP 400✕400✕400 3 / 4 4 RP500L/min+DP6B
TP RP500L/min+TMP300
DH-50 DP 500✕500✕500 4 / 5 5 RP500L/min+DP6B
TP RP500L/min+TMP520
DH-60 DP 600✕600✕600 4 / 5 5 RP650L/min+DP6B
TP RP650L/min+TMP520
DH-70 DP 700✕700✕700 4 / 5 5 RP1500L/min+DP10B
TP RP960L/min+TMP900
DH-80 DP 800✕800✕800 5 / 6 6 RP1500L/min+DP14B
TP RP1500L/min+TMP1300
DH-100 DP 1000✕1000✕1000 5 / 6 6 RP1500L/min+DP14B
TP RP1500L/min+TMP2000
DH-150 DP 1500✕1500✕1500 5 / 6 6 RP3000L/min+DP22B
TP RP3000L/min+TMP3400
* This table provides only basic specifications. We will provide more detailed specifications based on customer requirements identified through discussions, followed by a cost estimate.

Specifications for DH Series
Model DH-DP Exhaust system: Oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump and Oil diffusion pump
DH-TP Exhaust system: Oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump and Turbo-molecular pump
Style Heating Internal heating system (shelf boards or internal surfaces)
Cooling Vacuum cooling, N2 forced circulation cooling (option)
Performance Maximum temperature range 300℃ to 650℃
Ultimate pressure DH-□DP: In the order of x10‒3Pa (after bakeout at no-load normal operating temperature)
DH-□TP: In the order of x10‒4Pa (after bakeout at no-load normal operating temperature)
Configuration Interior/Exterior Polished stainless steel (SUS304)/Coated rolled steel
Door/Sealing material Single-swing door opening: clamp latch/Viton O-rings
Heat insulating material Alumina-silica blankets/Flanges and door O-ring section: water-cooling tubes provided
Heating system Internal heater panels
(incorporated into the shelf boards or mounted on the inner wall surfaces; sheath heaters provided )
Temperature control system Programmable temperature controller or Fixed temperature controller: PID control
Vacuum exhaust system*1 Oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump and Oil diffusion pump: DH-□DP
Oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump and Turbo-molecular pump: DH-□TP
Vacuum gauge BA gauge (ionization vacuum gauge), Pirani vacuum gauge, Digital compound pressure gauge
Control panel*2 Incorporated into the stand or stand-alone
Operation Operation Automatic/Manual, switch-selectable
Display Operating status Display of device system on the graphic panel, display of device ON/OFF status
Temperature LED digital display
Temperature patterns Programmable temperature controller: 30 patterns, 300 segments
Functions Vacuum exhaust Sequencer program used for automatic operation
Heating/Cooling*3 Fixed operation: automatic operation at the specified temperature/start of cooling at the specified timer setting
Programmed operation: heating/cooling as specified by the input pattern
Safety device: Interlock Vacuum exhaust malfunction, Overheating prevention, Motor overload, A drop in the amount of cooling water, A drop in the operating air pressure, Earth leakage breaker
Standards Power supply 3φ 200V 50/60Hz
Cooling water Equipment inlet: At least 0.2 MPa 30 to 60 L/min
Air Equipment inlet: At least 0.5 Mpa
Options WS Series oil cleaner, Cold trap
*1. A cryopump can be used for high-vacuum exhaust.
*2. Control panel: Incorporated into the stand if the inner volume is 1m3 or less;stand-alone if the inner volume is 1.2m3 or greater.
*3. Fixed temperature control: An external timer (located on the control panel) is used to specify the duration for which the specified temperature is maintained. The cooling process starts when the specified duration elapses.
*We can manufacture custom models to specifications.