DQ <Noa> Series

Backed by extensive actual performance results, the DQ Series sets the standard for vacuum drying ovens.
These vacuum drying ovens are all-purpose types designed to meet a wide range of application needs in research and development and in production processes.
Select the type from our extensive product lineup that best meets your needs.


DQ-P(Built-in Pump Type)
DQ-P(Built-in Pump Type)
DQ-S(Desktop Type)
DQ-S(Desktop Type)
The DQ Series types feature a space saving built-in pump and protective countermeasures that safeguard against oil backflow in the event of power failures. The vacuum pump can be connected in a manner suited to the installation location for effective use of space.


■High vacuum ... Ultimate pressure: x101Pa
It's exhaust system is an oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump only, but the DQ Series produces a powerful vacuum. The DQ Series types provide clean heat treatment in a vacuum chamber with exceedingly low leakage.

■Effective exhaust
Matching the valve and piping aperture diameters with the vacuum pump's suction port diameter allows for more effective and faster exhaust.

■Measurement of vacuum degree
The structure is equipped with a gauge port ( φ15 mm) that allows the attachment of a Pirani vacuum gauge sensor to confirm the vacuum degree (Pa value), a value that can't be read by bourdon-tube vacuum gauges.

■Easy temperature control
The controller automatically sets the ideal PID value for proce ssing temperatures for easy, reliable temperature control inside the vacuum chamber.

■Safety and Product Maintenance

1.The temperature controller and the overheating prevention dev ice each provide independent comprehensive safety measures, including a self-diagnosis function and double overheating prevention functions.

2.To ensure safety, a protective cover made of clear resin over lays an observation window designed for clear viewing. (No observation window is provided for high-temperature types in which temperatures exceed 200℃ .)

3.DQ-P (type with built-in pump) ... In addition to manual valv es, this type features a built-in main solenoid valve and pump leak solenoid valve. For example, in the event of a power failure during operations, the main solenoid valve closes and blocks th e vacuum chamber, while the pump leak valve opens to prevent pump oil backflow.

The standard used for the DQ Series is Max 200℃ (external heating system), but high-temperature types (internal heating) with specifications of Max 350℃ , 450℃ and 600℃ are also available. The heaters are incorporated into the lower part of each shelf or affixed to the inner walls of the chamber. In addition to performing high-temperature heating within the chamber, they reduce the time required to heat the chamber to processing temperatures and improve temperature distributions within the chamber. To further meet client needs, custom models can be designed and manufactured to implement automated operations.


The DQ Series types are used primarily for vacuum drying of a wide range of products, including semiconductor components, electrical/electronic components, electronic materials, metals, ceramics, new materials, foods, and pharmaceuticals. They are also ideal for vacuum experiments.


DQ series model (Max200℃)
Model Inner vessel dimentions Shelves Vacuum pump Outer dimensions Power
DQ-30 S 300✕300✕300 4 - 500✕500✕800 AC100V 1φ0.8kW
P USW-50N 500✕500✕1250 AC100V 1φ1.8kW
DQ-40 S 400✕400✕400 4 - 600✕600✕900 AC200V 1φ2kW
P USW-150N 600✕600✕1400 AC200V 3φ2.8kW
DQ-50 S 500✕500✕500 4 - 700✕700✕1000 AC200V 1φ5kW
P USW-300N 700✕700✕1480 AC200V 3φ5.8kW
DQ-60 S 600✕600✕600 5 - 800✕800✕1250 AC200V 1φ6kW
P USW-500N 800✕800✕1650 AC200V 3φ6.8kW
DQ-80 S 800✕800✕800 5 - 1350✕1050✕1150 AC200V 1φ8kW
P USW-650N 1600✕1050✕1600 AC200V 3φ8kW
DQ-100 S 1000✕1000✕1000 5 - 1600✕1300✕1400 AC200V 1φ10kW
P DW-1500 1800✕1300✕1850 AC200V 3φ12kW

Specifications for DQ <Noa> Series
Performance Maximum temperature 200℃ (350℃/450℃/600℃)
Ultimate pressure x101Pa (after bakeout at no-load normal operating temperature)
Functions Operation system Manual
Control system Microcomputer used for PID control (auto-tuning function provided)
Setting method/Display method Digital setting/Digital display
Sensor K thermocouple
Overheating prevention Independent double overheating prevention circuits
Common to both DQ-P/S Manual main valve, Leak/gas inlet valve, Bourdon-tube vacuum gauge, φ15 Gauge port, Leak/gas inlet, Vacuum piping
DQ-P type Belt-driven oil-sealed rotary vacuum pump (50 to 1500 L/min), Main solenoid valve, Pump leak solenoid valve
DQ-S type Pump connection port
Heating Heater Space heater (affixed to the outer surface of the vacuum chamber)
Load control Current output
Safety devices Earth leakage breaker, Heater circuit/control circuit fuses, Double overheating prevention (suspension of heating, buzzer/lamp alarms, manual reset), Self-diagnosis function (setting values, temperature sensor, burnout)
Standards Power supply 1φ 100V AC, 1φ or 3φ 200V AC
Cooling water At least 0.2 MPa (When the heating temperature exceeds 200℃)
N2 Use as required when the chamber is returned to atmospheric pressure
Options Pirani vacuum gauge, WS Series oil cleaner, Cold trap,Hermetic sealing, Programmable temperature control, Individual temperature control of internal heaters, Automatic operation system