Automatic leak valve(check valve)

Automatic leak valve(check valve)


The automatic leak valve prevents oil occurring in the pump from flowing back to the suction side when the pump is turned off. This valve found on the suction side automatically opens at the moment the pump (motor) is turned off, and providing a fail-safe guard, and security in case of power failures. For these reasons, we recommend choosing“ Automatic Leak Valve”when ordering a pump.

Adapter for setting Automatic Leak Vavle


This adapter with hose port can be put into standard suction port of the pump when automatic leak valve is installed to the vacuum pump later.3 kinds of suction port diameter φ16,23,30 are supplied.Attached hose ports have the following sizes.

Vacuum pump inlet size L1 L2 D d A
16mm (90) 54 32 16 Rp(PS)3/8
23mm (130) 60 38 21 Rp(PS)1/2
30mm (130) 62 42 27 Rp(PS)3/4

Vacuum keeping automatic leak valve "VKL-25"

Both "Keeping vacuum in a chamber" and "Returning to the atmospheric pressure in the pump" can be done automatically when the pump stops.
It functions as delayed automatic leak valve of the pump and prevents oil backflow.

Vacuum keeping automatic leak valve VKL-25 Vacuum keeping automatic leak valve VKL-25
Model VKL-25
Flange type NW-25
Power supply AC100V / AC200V
Sealing material Viton
Weight 1.7kg


Vacuum Pump Oil "New Clear Vac SA-160M,SA-100M"

真空ポンプ油“ ニュークリアバック SA-160M”

High-grade mineral oil distilled fractionally for exclusive use of rotary vane vacuum pumps. This oil is superior in low steam pressure, antiemulsifiable and water separation.

Model Capacity Viscosity Oil type
SA-160M 1L,2L,18L ISO VG 68 Mineral Oil
SA-100M ISO VG 46