Keyword1-Vacuum technology creates the future

Research and development and the manufacturing process requires a clean vacuum as in outer space. The vacuum has been regarded as a technology essential for the industrial fields of aerospace development, electronics, energy, physical/chemical science, electric engineering, medical, food, optical, automobile, and metal. The next generation energy field of solar cells and lithium cells have recently shown significant growth. The market for such cells is expected to expand thanks to increasing sales of electric cars. Vacuum technology is also experiencing an expanding variety of needs and increasing importance. The mission of Sato Vac Incorporated is to offer solid answers to the need for high level vacuums in the state-of-the-art science and technology fields.

Keyword2PHILOSOPHY - Hot commitment to our brand


The brand Phil comes from the term "philosophy." This brand name expresses our philosophical concept and our commitment to listen to the voice of customers to realize products. Sato Vac is a manufacturer dedicated to the development, manufacture, and sales of vacuum pumps, vacuum systems, and vacuum instruments, and we have led the industry as a vacuum equipment manufacturer for over eighty years. We have built a trustworthy relationship with more than 3,000 customers in the domestic market and have earned a market share of more than 50% in the field of mid- and small-size belt drive vacuum pumps. In addition, we respond to the needs of overseas customers mainly from Asia. We believe that our achievements are solely the result of the customer first policy and the restless endeavors of every single member of our company with the power of action and technology. We are committed to establishing a brand matching user needs as a world-class company.

Keyword3PRIDE - Continued enthusiasm for the Creation

PRIDE - Continued enthusiasm for the Creation

Our pursuit of quality never stops until the moment of completion. The reason for our persistence in manufacturing in our domestic factory is our belief that ultimate quality can be achieved only through the creation of products with our own eyes and hands. In our company, a single team is responsible for every process from structure design, trial of prototypes, and design review to the final performance test. This means that every single product can be regarded as a work reflecting the will of every member of our team. Of course, as an industrial product, the production process is rationalized and ideas are applied to reduce the number of components prior to applying the techniques of craftsmanship. Our after-sales service offers the same commitment. One of our customers gives us high commendation for our level of completion of a system that has maintained operation without any degradation in performance for more than twenty years, as well as our attitude for follow-up.

Expressing the creativity of every employee, being responsible for the work, and aiming to become an enterprise that realizes the motivation and dreams of employees?these are our fundamental principles. We, who have aimed at the higher state with a power of a restless acceptance of the challenge to create, will continue to attract people with technology and will add excitement to existing technology. We have achieved the top domestic share in the field of mid- to small-size belt drive vacuum pumps. Our Lambda series of oil rotation direct drive vacuum pumps was completed in 2005 as a challenge to the top brand in mid- to small-size vacuum pumps. Sato Vac will fully utilize our unique technology for vacuum drying, vacuum heat treatment, and vacuum film formation to create products that match user needs by pursuing technology, not the size or reputation to the end, and challenging with the one and only brand in the world. This is the pride of Sato Vac that has been cultivated for more than eighty years.