Oil cleaner <LM/WS> Series

Powerful filtering protects vacuum pumps


1.Preventing trouble of vacuum pumps due to oil contamination.

Powder and dust are trapped in the first-stage P-housing, and the water in the emulsified oil is separated by the strong coagulant action in the second-stage A-housing. Water concentration can be reduced to as low as 100 PPM, preventing oil deterioration and sludge formation that produce defective pump rotation. Periodical oil changes are required, due to the gradual oxidation of the oil.


2.Recovering ultimate pressure degraded by water.

A vacuum pump's ultimate pressure is significantly degraded when oil is contaminated by water. For example, a normal ultimate pressure of 10-1PaPa or lower may degrade to 103Pa after pumping water vapor.Hyper-clean cleaners remove water that degrades ultimate pressure, and restores original ultimate pressure.

3.Reducing operational costs.

The cleaners remove moisture and dust from the oil, lowering the frequency of required oil changes.

4.Making oil changes easier

The attached circulation pumps provide smooth oil charge and discharge.

5.Compatible with all vacuum pumps supplied by different manufacturers.

Lab master series and hyper-clean series can have oil-sealed rotary vacuum pumps installed that are supplied by different manufacturers. Tell us the name of the manufacturer, type and screw diameters for the oil charge and exhaust ports.

油水分除去テスト グラフ 真空ポンプ到達圧力回復テスト グラフ
LM-1-125 LM-1-250 WS-2-250 WS-2-250AT
Purification method Single-stage circulation filtering Two-stage vacuum filtering
Flow rate 1.2L/min 1.2L/min(50Hz)
Filtration precision 10μm 10μm(Solid particle)
Power source AC100V 1φ 40W AC100V, AC200V 1φ 40W
Used oil quantity About 1.5L About 2.5L About 3L About 3L
Element type P-125×1pcs P-250×1pcs P-250×1pcs, A-250×1pcs P-250×1pcs, A-250×1pcs
Drain Manual Manual Manual Auto
Dimensions W347×D210×H328 ㎜ W397.5×D210×H448 ㎜ W430×D290×H545 ㎜ W430×D290×H545 ㎜
Weight 7.8kg 8.4kg 13kg 23kg
ハイパークリーン フロー図

Heavily oxidized oil, additives such as rust preventives and antioxidants or surfactants may disturb oil-water separation. Consult with us in such cases.
Hyper-clean cleaners require oil in addition to the oil sealed in the pump. See the oil volume column.